In compliance with the notification and record keeping requirements of EPA's 40 CFR, Part 763.93 (g) (4) Asbestos- Containing Materials in Schools Law (more commonly known as AHERA-(Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act), North Montco Technical Career Center is notifying organizations and families of the availability of the Asbestos Management Plans. The master copy of all Management Plans is maintained in the Facilities Operations Manager's Office.


The management plan includes inspections and physical assessment reports, training requirements for the custodial and maintenance personnel, plans and procedures to minimize disturbance of any asbestos-containing materials, a program for regular surveillance and inspection of asbestos-containing materials. Also, every three years, an asbestos re- inspection of the facility will be conducted to comply with the AHERA law.


North Montco Technical Career Center is complying with all regulations in regards to any ACBM (Asbestos Containing Building Material) and there is no need for safety or health concerns relative to asbestos exposure.