Code of Conduct

Please download the Code of Conduct form and return completed form to your instructor. 

Code of Conduct form

North Montco Technical Career Center

Code of Conduct for Protective Services Program

This policy is written to coincide with the industry’s standards of practice, professionalism, and legal guidelines set by the state and federal government laws.

  1. Students will not use cell phones during theory classroom Instruction or during lab hands on activities
    1. 1st offense will be a verbal warning
    2. 2nd offence will be a phone call to parent/guardian
    3. 3rd offence will be detention
    4. Future offences may result in removal from the program
  2. A student suspended and/or arrested for alcohol and or substance use will be automatically removed from the program immediately.


  1. Students will come to class prepared, clean, and in full uniform. Males - hair neatly trimmed, no spike or Mohawk’s or any other type of designs are permitted, and only natural colored hair is permitted. Males are also to be clean-shaven. Females - hair in a bun or ponytail, no hair designs of any kind is permitted and only natural hair color is permitted. Stays on task, completes all assigned work on time. No disruption to class. Participates fully in all class activities including full participation in Physical training.


  1. Any student not participating in any physical activity due to any injury must provide a doctor’s note.
  2. Students will adhere to the classroom daily grade rubric posted in each room and maintain all safety standards put in place during theory lessons, during hands on lab activity and while outside the building during hands on activities.
    1. 1st offence is verbal waning
    2. 2nd offence phone call to parent/guardian
    3. 3rd offence will be detention
    4. Future offences may result in removal from the program

  The purpose of these guidelines is to hold our program and the students who participate in the Protective Services program to highest standards as would be expected of them in the industry. The Protective Services program is a privilege, requiring a high level of professionalism, integrity, honesty, not to mention a high degree of independence while in the classroom and lab setting.


By reading and signing this form I__________________ fully understand what is expected of me in this program and I ___________________________will adhere to the above Protective Services guidelines.


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