Program Overview

Career Objectives:

  • Career e-portfolio
  • Career objective essay completed by all first-year students.
  • Potential career opportunities are discussed during student orientation to include related career pathways.
  • All new students will complete comprehensive Sp2 training prior to entering the production areas.

Program Highlights:

  • Student has the ability to earn MCHD/CFSM license.
  • Culinary Arts program is nationally ACF Accredited.
  • Students completing the prescribed requirements have the ability to earn ACF/CFC certification.

Curriculum and Occupational Titles:

  • Student will cover curriculum in 5 job titles.
  • Content includes: chef/cooking, institutional foods, baking, service and portering.

Task Tracking:

  • Competencies or skills that students are required to complete while they are in the program.
  • State Program of Study
  • Value added tasks


  • WORK ETHIC – 40%
  • KNOWLEDGE – 30%
  • SKILLS – 30%

Program Expectations:

  • Parents can expect students to display competence and knowledge of Culinary Arts to ensure entry level employment and college acceptance.

Tools and Equipment Requirements:

  • NMTCC supplies required hand tools and equipment for student use.

Uniform/Clothing Requirements:

  • Students are required to purchase a minimum of 2 complete uniforms to include: chef pants and chef coats and/or baking uniform.
  • Students must maintain their uniforms in a sanitary manner.
  • Personal aprons are not mandatory but recommended.
  • NMTCC Baseball Hat ($9)
  • Non-slip shoes
  • Black leather, closed toe shoes, for the restaurant
  • Black pants, for the restaurant

Program Fees:

  • Activity fee ($20)
  • 2 complete uniforms – approx. $70
  • Cost of ServSafe exam answer sheet - $50
  • ACF CFC certificate - $35
  • MCHD/CFSM - $50

Program Rules/Regulations:

  • Students must maintain an e-portfolio
  • Students must complete SP 2 as documented safety training during the first marking period, before entering production labs.

Safety Requirements:

  • Daily uniform requirements: no opened toe shoe, clean and sanitary
  • No fake nails or large jewelry, piercings or gauges
  • Adherence to MHD Chapter 4 regulations governing food service establishments
  • Non-slip shoes
  • Long, braided hair must be completely restrained with an oversized hairnet, to be supplied by the student.

Portfolio Presentations:

  • Duty/task list
  • Theory handouts/packets
  • Pictures of various projects
  • Career objective essay
  • Resume/cover letter
  • Certificates
  • Short/long term planning sheet

Post-Secondary Options:

  • WHC Articulation (7.5 credits)
  • Johnson & Wales University Articulation (6 credits)
  • MCCC (9 credits)
  • SOAR credits
  • *contact the guidance department for details and updates