Costs Associated with the Culinary Arts Program

Students will be required to purchase two complete uniforms (chef jacket or cook shirt, apron, and ankle-length pants, the kind used in the food service industry), including hard-sole, non-slip shoes to be worn every day during the class session.

See the detailed list of costs below. The uniforms may be purchased from Uniforms USA or at any uniform store. All students need to have complete uniforms by the beginning of the second full week of school. Students are required to keep their uniforms clean at all times. Student will be removed from class participation until their uniform is cleaned, if the instructor does not feel the uniform meets cleanliness requirements.



2 Chef Coats- #0403WH

$20 (each)

2 Cooks Shirt - #SP24WH

$14 (each)

2 Baggie Chef Pants - #5360BW

$23 (each)

2 Aprons - #A2300WH


1 Hat - #HP60WH




1 Non-Slip Work Shoes (with leather uppers covering top of feet)


1 ½” white binder, dividers, sheet protectors


Black leather, closed toe shoes, for wearing in the restaurant



Uniform companies include:

DJB Specialties ( )

Clemens Uniform, 811 W. 5th Street, Lansdale, PA   215-855-2488 (   1-800-347-0288


*pricing approximate




$20 Activity Fee (separate check made payable to “North Montco Technical Career Center”)


Instructor will inform students about the following certifications:

ACF CFC certificate - $35