Program Overview

Career Objectives:

  • Complete a career goal card and essay yearly.
  • Purpose is to be sure students are aware of careers available and the path needed to reach their career goals.

Program Highlights:

  • The major areas of study in the graphic arts program include design and layout, Adobe Creative Cloud instruction, typography, offset and digital printing operations, bindery, document management/quick copy center operations and digital photography.

Curriculum and Occupational Titles:

  • Curriculum includes: Adobe Creative Cloud, Principles of Color and Design, Typography, Offset and Digital Printing, Photography, Prepress/Press Operations, Bindery Operations, Copy Center Operations, Graphic Design, and Computer Illustration
  • Occupational Titles include: Graphic Designer, Photographer, Digital Press Operator, Bindery and Customer Service Rep.


  • SKILLS (includes tests, worksheets and projects) 30%
  • WORK ETHICS (behavior in class and attendance) 30%
  • TASKS (items completed from task list) 40%

Program Expectations:

  • Upon completion in the Graphic Arts Program, a student can obtain an entry level job in the printing industry or continue on to post-secondary training in photography, graphic design, web and digital media design, and printing technology.

Tools and Equipment Requirements:

  • All students are required to purchase an 8G flash drive to store their electronic files.
  • A digital camera is recommended but not required.

Program Rules/Regulations:

Computers may not be used for illicit activities or for social networking. Students are not allowed to alter computer in any way. (This includes downloading of programs or games.) 


Safety Requirements:

  • Sandals are not permitted when working in the press area. You may keep an extra pair of shoes in your locker. You will not be able to participate in the printing classes if you are wearing sandals.
  • All loose clothing and jewelry must be removed or tucked in when operating bindery and press equipment. Long hair must be tied or pinned back.
  • Must follow NMTCC Code of Conduct.

Portfolio Presentations:

  • Students are required to maintain their portfolio (binder) with all their handouts and work as they go through the Graphic Arts program.
  • Students create a professional electronic PDF portfolio and website in their senior year that is used in the college admission process and employment preparation.

Post-Secondary Options:

  • Many students in Graphic Arts do go on to college. Some of the post-secondary schools include: Moore College of Art & Design, West Chester University, Arcadia University, Kutztown University, Lansdale School of Business, Montgomery County Community College and DeVry University.

Career Employment Opportunities:

  • Job titles available for students in Graphic Arts include: Graphic Designer, Photographer, Digital Press Operation, Printing Customer Service Representative, Bindery/Finishing Operator, and Printing Management.