Program Overview

Career Objectives:

  • Complete a career goal card and essay yearly.
  • Purpose is to be sure students are aware of careers available and the path needed to reach their career goals.

Program Highlights:

  • Students will have the opportunity to install and service heating and air conditioning equipment in the lab.

Curriculum and Occupational Titles:

  • Potential career opportunities:

  HVAC Service Technician

  Installation/Service Manager

  Gas Heating Service Technician

  Oil Heating Service Technician

  Business Owner



  • KNOWLEDGE- 30 points (includes: lesson participation, homework, tests/quizzes, senior project/portfolio)
  • WORK ETHIC – 30 points (includes: attitude/behavior, time management, uniform/grooming, reliability/time sheet)
  • SKILLS– 40 points (includes: mechanical abilities, problem solving, duty/task progress, shop safety)

Program Expectations:

  • Students who complete the program can:

  enter the trade as a service technician.

  continue their education at a technical college.

  enter into an apprenticeship program.

Eligible students have the opportunity to obtain up to 9 college credits through the PA Department of Education SOAR program.


Tools and Equipment Requirements:

  • Digital multimeter (juniors and seniors) $100
  • 25’ tape measure $10
  • Solar powered calculator $5
  • Tool belt $20
  • 2 inch, 3 ring binder $5
  • Tool pouch $25
  • Misc. tools: ¼” nut driver, 5/16” nut driver, four way screwdriver, electrical side cutters, electrical diagonal cutters, electrical wire strippers, channel lock pliers, adjustable wrench, torpedo level

Uniform/Clothing Requirements:

  • Navy blue work pants $17 (not blue jeans)
  • Navy blue work shirt $24
  • Safety glasses $5
  • Leather shoes or work boots $40 (no sneakers)

Program Fees:

  • Activity fee ($20)
  • EPA 608 Certification for Refrigerant fee ($30 for 3rd or 4th year students)

Program Rules/Regulations:

  • Students are required to have a 3 ring binder for note taking.
  • Students are required to follow all posted safety rules and regulations as well as those in the student handbook. 


Safety Requirements:

  • Safety glasses, work boots and a uniform are required while in the lab areas.
  • Safety test (written and hands-on) will be administered.
  • Must follow NMTCC Code of Conduct.

Portfolio Presentations:

  • Students will produce a digital portfolio.
  • A portfolio is used to show future employers the accomplishments achieved while attending NMTCC.

Post-Secondary Options:

  • Students can enter into a degree or non-degree program of study.
  • The HVAC program has an articulation agreement with Penn College of Technology.
  • Eligible students have the opportunity to obtain up to 9 college credits through PA Department of Education SOAR program.

Career Employment Opportunities:

  • Potential career opportunities:

  Residential Heating/Cooling Technician

  Gas/Oil Heating Service Technician

  Installation/Service Mechanic

  Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Service Technician

  Refrigeration Mechanic

  Service Manager