Costs Associated with the Automotive Program

The Power and Transportation Cluster includes Automotive Technology, Auto Collision Repair, Diesel Truck Technology, and Recreational Power Equipment.


Safety rules and regulations will be reviewed and posted. Students are required to follow all rules and regulations. State law requires students to wear approved safety glasses in the lab area at all times. If your child already wears prescription glasses, another style of safety glasses is available to wear over his/her glasses. Long hair must be tied back and earrings, necklaces, or jewelry of any type are not permitted to be worn in the lab area at any time. A belt or suspenders must be worn to keep pant legs off the floor, for both safety and for our students to look professional.


From the beginning of the school year, all students will be required to wear a uniform, comparable to one worn in the trade, consisting of a Power and Transportation Cluster uniform shirt, dark blue work pants and hard sole leather shoes. Jeans, sneakers or street shoes are NOT acceptable.


The following items must be purchased at NMTCC:

  1.  Uniform shirts (approx. $15)


  1.  $20 Activity Fee (separate check made payable to “North Montco Technical Career Center” in the amount of $20)



  1. Work pants, such as Dickies® and Roebucks®, (can be purchased at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears, etc. )
  2. Work boots
  3.  Safety glasses
  4. Mechanic’s gloves (optional)