Program Overview

Career Objectives:

  • Complete a career goal card and essay yearly.
  • Purpose is to be sure students are aware of careers available and the path needed to reach their career goals.

Program Highlights:

  • Through the Automotive program, eligible students may earn the following certifications: Certified PA Safety Inspection, PA Certified Emissions, MACS, SP2, ASE student certifications.

Curriculum and Occupational Titles:

  • The 8 ASE curriculum areas include:
  •   engine repair
  •   brakes
  •   automatic transmission/transaxle
  •   electrical/electronic systems
  •   manual drivetrain and axles
  •   heating and air conditioning
  •   steering/suspension
  •   engine performance 


  • Syllabus for written class work and homework assignments will be provided.
  • Employability skills/work ethic
  • Complete uniform
  • Prepared for class
  • Completing time cards/repair orders
  • Assess performance with hands-on learning (POS tasks completed)
  • Senior Project/Portfolio

Program Expectations:

  • Be respectful to peers and staff.
  • Class/lab participation in lessons
  • Professionalism/mannerism
  • Maintain student portfolio
  • Upon successful completion of the Automotive Technology program, students should have an in depth knowledge of all aspects of Automotive Service and Repair.

Uniform/Clothing Requirements:

  • Purchased at school:

  Power and Transportation cluster shirt ($15)

  • Purchased elsewhere:

  work pants ($15-$20)

  work boots ($20-$30)

  safety glasses ($5)

  • Recommend impact gloves/mechanic’s gloves ($10-$30)

Program Fees:

  • Activity fee ($20)
  • Seniors only (who successfully complete POS):

  PA State Inspection/Emission books $75

  MACS Air Conditioning $25 (approx.)

Safety Requirements:

  • Follow all safety rules and special instructions given
  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the lab.
  • Proper uniform is required when working in the lab.
  • Must follow NMTCC Code of Conduct.

Post-Secondary Options

  • Universal Technical Institute
  • Automotive Training Center
  • University of Northern Ohio
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Northampton Community College

Career Employment Opportunities:

  • Automotive service/diagnostic technician
  • Service writer/advisor/consultant
  • Automotive machinist
  • Insurance estimator/investigator
  • New or used car sales manager
  • Specialty technician
  • Automotive instructor