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Attendance Information

During these unprecedented times many of you are struggling with the effects of the pandemic. Some students may need to quarantine due to exposure or possible exposure, while some students are reluctant to attend school in-person due to fears of infection.
The North Montco Administration understands these issues and we appreciate your continued precaution regarding COVID-19. We do, however, have a responsibility to deliver the best possible education to our students, and career and technical education requires some level of in-person instruction to be effective. Therefore, NMTCC is providing a hybrid (in-person and virtual) schedule for all students.
This means that attendance will be documented as follows:
  • To be marked “present" on the days NMTCC students are scheduled to have in-person learning, they are required to attend in-person classes at NMTCC  
  • To be marked “present" on the days NMTCC students are scheduled to have virtual learning, they must log in and submit their assignments during their regularly scheduled class times
  • If a student can not attend class, a parent/guardian must contact NMTCC to submit an absence and ask for the student to be marked "absent excused”  
NMTCC is strictly following all CDC and Montgomery County Department of Health guidelines and protocols including close and household contact quarantine guidelines. 
Thank you for your understanding and support of your child’s education.