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1. My 9th or 10th grade child is all virtual at North Montco, but their sending school starts classes on a different day. Does my child log in to North Montco on August 31?

Students are to begin logging on to the virtual classes the same day their sending school begins classes, even if it is different from the North Montco start date of August 31.

Please note - if your district is advising you to start virtually at North Montco on August 31st, even though your district is beginning at a later date, you may begin your virtual training at North Montco on August 31st.


2. Where do I find the parking pass and where do we send completed parking pass applications?

Completed parking pass applications may be emailed to or dropped off at the collection box near the door on the first day of school. The security department will review all applications and distribute the passes to the students.

Click here for the parking pass application to be used during the hybrid session.


3. Is there a fee for the parking pass?

Parking pass fees are waived while we are in hybrid delivery.


4. Where do I drop off/pick up my child at North Montco and where should my child park at North Montco?

Please click here for the parking map.



5. If my child is scheduled to be all virtual, do we need to buy the program supplies on the list?

Students are not mandated to buy all the supplies at this time. It is recommended they buy them now so students are ready when we open fully in-person.


6. Can my 11th or 12th grade child still attend North Montco, if they have their own transportation, even though the district is virtual?

All 11th and 12th grade students are scheduled to attend in-person during our afternoon session. 

Click here for the schedule for half-day students.


7. Is my 9th or 10th grade student completing virtual work every day or just on Fridays?

9th and 10th grade students will be working virtually every day.

 Click here for the schedule for half-day students.


8. My child is a PYAP 11th or 12th  grade student. What will my child be doing on the days my child is not in school?

Students will be given asynchronous activities for the days not in school unless they are working in an approved PYAP or Co-Op job.


9. How is a 10th-grade cosmetology student going to earn hours?

The state Board of Cosmetology has approved up to  250 hours of virtual time.


10. How will students access online learning?

Instructions will be mailed out to all students for accessing their school email. All teachers will communicate how to access the curriculum for their program through the email account.

Note: If your child did not receive the letter in the mail with instructions on how to access the email account, please email with your child's name and program. We will email that information to you.

Click here for directions on how to access email.


11. Do new students still need to come in to have their ID pictures taken?

We encourage new students to still come to have their photo taken so their ID will be ready when we open fully in-person. If a student can not make the days assigned, there will be another opportunity at a later date.

ID pictures will be taken in the Restaurant/Salon lobby on the following days from 12:00-5:00 PM.

Student Last Name Beginning with A-L (Tuesday, August 25)

Note: Due to an unplanned power shutdown this afternoon, photo ids, for new students with last names beginning with A-L, will only be taken between 12:00 and 2:30 PM today (8/25).

Those students who cannot make the timeframe for today may come Wednesday or Thursday.


Student Last Name Beginning with M-S (Wednesday, August 26)

Student Last Name Beginning with T-Z (Thursday, August 27)