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Driver's Education - Behind the Wheel Class Update - June 24, 2020

Due to the mandated school closure for the current school year, Driver's Education Classes are cancelled through the end of June 2020.

Starting July 1, the behind the wheel classes will begin. Registered students, who have completed the necessary requirements and are eligible for lessons, will be assigned an instructor and the instructor will contact the student to schedule lessons.

Note: priority will be given to students who were in the process of completing their behind the wheel lessons before the school closed.

 Because of the highly unusual set of circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic North Montco made the following modification to the standard behind the wheel procedures.  Behind-the-wheel training will resume on July 1, 2020 using the following safety protocols:

Safety Protocols                              

  1. The instructor will schedule the behind-the-wheel training time with students.
  2. Students should wait outside.  Instructors will meet their students in the parking lot or in the front of the building.  (The front of the building is across from North Penn High School’s football stadium.)   Some instructors may request that students text them when they arrive.  Instructors will let students know if that is an option when the appointment is made. Students are reminded to bring their permit with them for all lessons. 
  3. Students, parents, or visitors waiting near the building or door must wear a mask.
  4. Prior to each driving lesson or test, students will be required to complete and sign-off on a brief COVID Questionnaire and have their temperature taken electronically by their instructor.   To save time, students should print and complete a copy of the attached questionnaire and return to their instructor prior to each lesson.
  5. If a student is not feeling well or has a temperature, the instructor will reschedule their appointment to a later date, or after the student is symptom-free for three days. 
  6. Mandatory use of face coverings/masks by all students and instructors is required.  Students should bring their own facemask.  Lessons will not be conducted if a student is not wearing a proper face covering.
  7. Vehicles are sanitized between students.
  8. Access to the school building and security office will be limited to instructors to fax the exam paperwork to PennDOT or for students to use the bathroom. Parents and visitors are not permitted in the building during this time.


 Please note: In an effort to keep North Montco Technical Career Center’s training programs safe for everyone, we ask that students complete the screening questionnaire before their lesson.   

Click Here For Screening Questionnaire