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Culinary Arts Instructor wins 2018 Carl J. Schaefer Memorial CTE Teacher Candidate Award

North Montco Technical Career Center is pleased to announce that Mrs. Jane Mitchell, Culinary Arts Instructor, was named the winner of the 2018 Carl J. Schaefer Memorial CTE Teacher Candidate Award, by the NOCTI Board of Trustees.

According to the NOCTI website, "Dr. Carl J. Schaefer was a lifelong champion in career and technical education (CTE). He gained national recognition as a CTE educator and author and was one of NOCTI’s founding fathers. To honor Dr. Schaefer, NOCTI is proud to sponsor the 'Carl J. Schaefer Memorial Award' as a tribute to Dr. Schaefer’s memory and to recognize an outstanding CTE teacher or CTE teacher candidate."

Mrs. Mitchell began working at North Montco as an instructional assistant for the Culinary Arts cluster. She was promoted to Culinary Arts/Hospitality instructor in 2011 and is responsible for overseeing the "front of the house" activities in the school's student-run restaurant. In 2016 and 2017, two students from this program earned gold medals in Restaurant Service at the National SkillsUSA Competition.

We congratulate Mrs. Mitchell on this honor and welcome you to congratulate her in person by visiting The Restaurant at North Montco on Wednesdays and Thursdays, for breakfast or lunch, when school is in session.

About NOCTI (from the NOCTI website):
"NOCTI is the nation's largest provider of industry partner certifications and industry-based credentials for career and
technical education programs. Through the use of various assessments, NOCTI provides credible solutions for assessing both student and teacher competence, for data-driven instructional improvement and for regulatory requirements. Nocti Business Solutions tailors performance assessments for each client's needs, helping them meet their goals through pre-employment testing, performance assessment, prior learning assessment and customized job skills assessment."

 Jane Mitchell, Culinary Arts instructor