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PA Farm Show 2020 Results

Congratulations to our Horticulture students who competed at the

Pennsylvania Farm Show. Students had the opportunity to create

designs for multiple categories, which is why you will see that some of our

students received multiple awards.

Congratulations to the following students who received recognition for their entries:


BEST OF SHOW (5 are awarded, North Montco Technical Career Center students earned 3 of the 5!)

Kathryn Nelson – Most Creative Floral Entry Overall

Joyce Klaumenzer – Best Permanent Design

Dante DiDomenico – Best Houseplant Design




Morgan Strohl – Ikebana Style Fresh Centerpiece

Kayla Bauman – Miniature Succulent Garden and Silk Flower Design

Joyce Klaumenzer – Hospital Arrangement (boy theme) and Sympathy –Fireside Basket

Dante DiDomenico – Dish Garden, foliage only

Autumn Haws – Dish Garden, in one shoe



Patricia Lally – Hospital Arrangement (boy theme)

Nico Marosek – Miniature Succulent Garden

Kathryn Nelson – Bridal Bouquet, Modern Style

Joyce Klaumenzer – Silk Flower Design

Dante DiDomenico – Dish Garden, in one shoe



Tyler Hane – Wrist Corsage, w/boutonniere

Ryan Keebler – Dish Garden, in one shoe

Patricia Lally – Silk Flower Design

Kayla Bauman – Table Centerpiece  (Valentine’s theme)

Joyce Klaumenzer – Bridal Bouquet, Modern Style

Catherine Maurer – Fresh Vase Arrangement

Alisha Sanders – Mixed Herb Garden



Patricia Lally – All Around Arrangement in a Mug

Kayla Bauman – Fresh Wreath (Christmas theme)

Bailey DiCandilo – Dish Garden, foliage only




Riley Frost – Terrarium, novelty container

Laith Stanley – Dish Garden, foliage only

James Stauffer – Strawberry Pot/Jar

Hannah Upright – Dish Garden, in one shoe

Dante DiDomenico – Miniature Succulent Garden