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Culinary Arts participate in Career Day with Wissahickon Middle School

Chef Cole and his Culinary Arts students participated in a virtual career day with Wissahickon Middle School Wissahickon School District. During this presentation, the culinary arts students participated in a team cooking competition. Each team had to create their version of “chicken stuffed with prosciutto and bacon” using the same recipe. They were able to utilize any cooking method and each dish had to include a starch or a vegetable and could include both.
While the students were preparing their dishes, Chef Cole shared information about the Culinary Arts field while demonstrating a day in the kitchen at North Montco. Students learned about culinary fundamentals that have different applications throughout the food world, including safety and sanitation practices and working with equipment.
Once the meals were completed, judges reviewed and tasted the final products. Look through the photos to see the winning team of Myaira and Dave, and the creativity the students displayed as they prepared their delicious creations!
Mark your calendar - The Restaurant and Bakery at North Montco reopen to the public on March 30.
two students holding their winning plate of chicken and asparagusplate of chicken with asparaguschicken over zucchinichicken with potatoes and carrotschicken with asparaguschicken with mashed potatoeschicken with vegetables in saucechicken topped with zucchini and tomatoesfried chicken with asparagus