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Culinary Arts

CULINARY ARTS  (CIP Code: 12.0508)


Program Overview 
 This course presents the principles of Culinary Arts and  Restaurant operations for culinary arts students.  This combination of hands-on and theoretical/guided practice will involve production for the public at North Montco Technical  Career Center's ( NMTCC) restaurant enforcing practical skills with public evaluation. Additionally, students will learn the basics of sanitation, safety, and preparation/production,  various cooking skills, nutrition, applied mathematical operations, menu development, inventory controls,  communication skills, and basic supervisory techniques.  Students will also execute dining room service skills and will interact directly with retail guests.  Students will gain an understanding of the mechanics of full-production restaurant operations, from menu development to final turnout. Sanitary practices and compliance with laws and ordinances of the  Department of Health are enforced. Students are required to have a professional chef's uniform and front-of-the-house uniform to participate in class according to departmental uniform policies.  The NMTCC Culinary Arts program is accredited by the Secondary Committee of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission. The program offers students Serve-safe coursework and certification, SP2 workplace/food safety training and OSHA-compliant industry training.  Upon completing the program, students will be prepared to enter the workforce and be college-ready. 


 1.     Demonstrate knowledge of safety and sanitation 
 2.     Demonstrate front of the house service 
 3.     Perform daily MEP station and closing tasks
 4.     Analyze daily costs and sales
 5.     Understand special dietary restrictions
 6.     Cook food prepared by self and others following all MCHD codes and guidelines 

Mr. Charles Cole - (
Mr. Michael Mohr - (



plate of sliced chicken over tomato sauce
plate of chicken in gravy
plate of chicken over grits
plate with a tart full of vanilla custard