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Biomedical research is an exciting career whereby scientists and doctors investigate biological processes and diseases with the ultimate goal of developing effective treatments and cures. In the Biomedical Technology program, students are introduced to this field while learning the theory and laboratory research skills used to solve real-world problems in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry as well as in academic/medical research labs.  This unique program is designed to prepare college-bound students with both theoretical and practical (i.e., hands-on) knowledge using a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, including fluorescent microscopes,  biosafety hoods/incubators, PCR machines, electrophoresis equipment, recombinant DNA technology, and 3D printers,  to name a few.  Students taking this course will learn laboratory skills that will jump start their career as biomedical scientists upon entry to college. 

In partnership with Montgomery County Community College, this highly selective junior/senior course is offered at the Biomedical Technology facility located at NMTCC. Students earn dual-enrollment credits for an introductory survey course in Biotechnology (BIT120) and Intro to Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 130). The application process includes a personal interview, a visit to the Biomedical Technology laboratory (recommended), a letter of recommendation from a science teacher, and submission of a completed application form with a high school transcript. With limited capacity, acceptance into the program is determined and communicated in the spring. All students accepted into Biomedical Technology are required to provide their own transportation to NMTCC. Prerequisites: Strong grades in Biology, Chemistry, Algebra 1 and 2.

Instructor: Ms. Marnie Black (

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student sitting in front of mammalian cell culture machine
student holding a pippette