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2022-2023 Students of the Month

May Students of the Month

Mason (Drafting & Design)

Mr. James, Mason's teacher, states that "Mason's dedication and positive attitude are the most inspiring things about him. He maintains a positive attitude towards learning and willingly takes on feedback to improve his learning in all the different CAD disciplines.

Sophia (Cosmetology)

Sophia was nominated by her Cosmetology teacher, Mrs. Lucas, because of her diligence and involvement at North Montco. Sophia won the CHI hairstyle contest, participated on the Quiz Bowl team and attended the SkillsUSA state conference as a delegate. Mrs. Lucas states that Sophia, "is the first cosmetology student of the school year to earn her state license. She always tries her best and outs 100% effort into her schoolwork."

Deanna (Diesel Truck Technology)

Deanna was nominated by Mr. Meisenzahl and Mr. Fluck for her attentive behavior in the classroom. They stated she "always stays on task even when classmates are not. She is a quick learner and works safely with the tools and equipment. We can always count on her to do the right thing."

April Students of the Month    

Gavin (HVAC)

Mr. McCauley, Gavin's teacher, states that "Gavin is always prepared for class. When working in the lab, he is always willing to help those who may struggle with some of the skills. He uses his critical thinking skills when in the lab and learns from his mistakes."

Danilo (Automotive)

Danilo was nominated for this award by Mr. Simes and Mrs. Dorko. Despite having a language barrier, they feel Danillo is a committed student. He speaks very little English and communicates with his peers and teacher primarily using translation apps. Mr. Simes and Mrs. Dorko state that, "Dailo is a good school citizen who will one day make a dedicated, loyal, and knowledgeable employee. Because of his demonstrated ability to overcome adversity, friendly demeanor, and dedication to learn, we nominate Danilo for student of the month."

Steven (Automotive)

Steven's teacher, Mr. Alcaro, has seen much improvement by Steven over the years and particularly this year. Steven is committed to the Automotive field and has worked hard to prepare for the NOCTI certification. Additionally, Steven is known to persevere through rough times while still having a positive attitude.

Isaura (Cosmetology)

Mrs. Marco, Isaura's teacher states that "Isaura is a driven student who strives for success and pushes herself. She continuously challenges herself to learn more intricate hairstyles or new and innovative nail art techniques. She is friendly and professional with clients."

March Students of the Month    

Cora (Graphic Arts)  

Ms. Poorman, Cora's teacher, states "Cora is a talented artist and strives to do her best on every project.  Her work ethic is outstanding; she is an active participant in class discussions and grasps new material very quickly."

Darsh (Internet Technologies)

According to Mrs. Warren, Darsh's teacher, "Darsh is well respected by his peers for his strong work ethic. He volunteered his time to speak with prospective students at the open house and assisted younger peers with lab simulations."

Vincent (Welding & Fabrication)

Mrs. Schmidt, one of Vincent's academic teachers, felt Vincent was deserving of the student of the month because of his caring and inclusive behavior. If Vincent thinks someone is being left out, he "invites them to work with him and his group."


February Students of the Month    

Aubrey (Baking & Pastry Arts)

According to Mr. Polos, Aubrey's teacher, "Aubrey is a strong-willed student who has a great skill set. She completes all of her tasks in a timely manner and stays up to date on her academic work. She has an incredibly positive and respectful demeanor. She often completes her work early and is able to do more than what is expected of her."


Gabriel (Graphic Arts)

Ms. Poorman believes Gabriel is a very talented artist. She states that "Gabriel's work ethic is outstanding; he is an active participant in class discussions and grasps material very quickly. Gabriel has a great sense of style and enjoys working with other students on class projects."


Erika (Culinary Arts)

Erika was nominated by her Culinary Arts instructor, Chef Cole, for her outstanding leadership qualities. According to Chef Cole, "Erika demonstrates, on a daily basis, all of the attributes we celebrate in our students, and does so whether or not someone is watching. "


Daisy (Baking & Pastry Arts)

Daisy was nominated by her Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Gruber, for her outstanding classwork and respectful and personable behavior.  According to Mrs. Gruber, "Daisy has never turned in an assignment late. Daisy makes sure that she asks questions when she has them and makes corrections when needed."

January Students of the Month  

Anthony (Internet Technologies)

Anthony is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Internet Technologies program. Mrs. Warren, Anthony's teacher, states that "Anthony has the highest grade of 94% in the calls. He works from bell to bell and asks questions when he doesn't understand a concept or term."

Lamisha (Graphic Arts)

Lamish is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Graphic Arts program. Ms. Poorman states that "Lamish has always challenged herself academically. Lamisah's work ethic is outstanding; she is an active participant in class discussions and grasps material very quickly." 

December Students of the Month

Camryn (Cosmetology - Souderton Area High School, 12th grade)

Camryn is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Cosmetology program. Mrs. Marco, Camryn's Cosmetology teacher, states, "Camryn is extremely driven. She challenges herself within her skill. She is a team player and helps in situations without ever being prompted. Her peers often go to her for help and she is always willing to assist." Camryn is deserving of the student of the month award and is a great representative of a North Montco student.


Kenneth (Culinary Arts- Methacton High School, 10th grade)  

Kenneth is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Culinary Arts program.  Mrs. Mitchell, Kenneth's Culinary Arts teacher, highly recommended him for this award. In her nomination, she stated, "From day one, Kenny has exhibited nothing short of a mature, responsible, engaged, interested attitude. Kenny has embraced restaurant service and is a team player, personable and reliable."


Sam (Recreational Power Equipment- Wissahickon High School, 10th grade)    

Sam is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Auto Collision Repair program. Mr. Bodzioch, the Recreational Power Equipment teacher states in his nomination, "As a first-year student, Sam has been a great addition to the class. He has acclimated himself very well into the routine and rigor of the recreational power equipment life. He is always willing to lend a hand and does what he is asked."

November Students of the Month

Mackenzie (Baking & Pastry Arts - Souderton Area High School, 10th grade)

Mackenzie is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Baking & Pastry Arts program. According to the Baking & Pastry Arts teacher, Mr. Polos, Mackenzie is a motivated student who retains information and is eager to learn new subjects. Her strong work ethic and compassion for helping others make her a strong candidate for this award.

Michael (Automotive Technology - North Penn High School, 10th grade)

Michael is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Automotive Technology program.  According to Mr. Alcaro, one of the Automotive Technology teachers, Michael is very self-motivated and gets along well with his classmates. Mr. Alcaro rated Michael as "excellent" in all the categories on the nomination form, showing how Michael is a strong candidate for this award.

October Students of the Month

Mia  (Auto Collision Repair - Souderton Area High School, 10th grade)

Mia is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Auto Collision Repair (ACR) program. 

As a first-year student, Mia excels in every task she is assigned. Her attitude, passion for learning the ACR trade, and willingness to help her peers make Mia an excellent choice for student of the month. Mr. Hunter, the ACR teacher, stated "It's a pleasure to have Mia in my class. I look forward to seeing her succeed in the Auto Collision Repair field."


Anusua  (Mechatronics - North Penn High School, 11th grade)

Anusua is being recognized for outstanding work in North Montco's Mechatronics program.

Mr. Potteiger, the Mechatronics teacher, describes Anusua as being self-motivated, academically gifted, and an independent worker. According to Mr. Potteiger, "Anusua far exceeds her classmates in assignment completion. She has completed OSHA -10 well ahead of the due date and scored 100% on the OSHA-10 assessment. She is the most talented student I have taught so far."