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Electrical Apprenticeship Openings

1513 Ben Franklin Highway - Douglasville, PA 19518-1939
PHONE  610-326-2860
FAX  610-326-2924

Notice of Availability of Apprenticeship Openings 
All applications will be given full and equal consideration, without regard to applicant's race, age, religion, sex or national origin. 


1.    For the States of: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Eastern Shore of Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.
2.    Trade: Journeyman Lineman
3.    By: The Northeastern Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Outside Electrical Industry.
4.    Applications are accepted the 1st Monday of every month from December 1, 2023, through December 1, 2024.
5.   Applications must be completed online at: WWW.NEAT1968.0RG. An Aptitude Test
processing fee of $25.00 is required with all completed applications.
6.    All interested applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, have a valid Driver's License and a valid Commercial Driver's License, Class A or B.
7.    All applicants must meet the requirements on the Electrical Training Alliance's Aptitude Test in order to proceed with a personal interview.