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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can attend NMTCC?
Students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 who live in any of the 5 participating school districts (see list below) may attend NMTCC. Also, adults are encouraged to take advantage of NMTCC’s continuing education offerings.

Participating School Districts

  • Methacton
  • North Penn
  • Perkiomen Valley
  • Souderton Area
  • Wissahickon

2. What does my child need to purchase for the start of school?

For program requirements, visit our website  - and the “Programs for HS Students” tab. Select your child’s program for further details.

3. How do I find out about a bus schedule?

Transportation is provided by the sending schools. Please contact your sending school for more information.

4. Where do I complete the beginning of school forms?

Parents, please log into your Parent Portal account to acknowledge and accept all NMTCC policies outlined in the Student Handbook. If you do not have a Parent Portal Account, please visit and click on the Parent/Guardian Portal link at the top of our website OR you and your child must sign the forms in the back of the student handbook and return it to their teacher. By either visiting the Parent Portal and checking the Student Handbook receipt box or signing the form or syllabus, you and your child are verifying receipt of a handbook and acknowledging your understanding of our policies and procedures as outlined within the handbook. 

5. How are we notified about snow days or unexpected school closures?

 Five sending districts transport students to North Montco. Each district handles snow days differently. Students are to follow their sending school schedule. North Montco places notices about school closures on their website and social media accounts, but does not call parents due to each sending school handling snow days differently.

6. How does my child obtain a parking pass?

There is a $75.00 fee this year for each student parking pass.  Students and parents are required to complete both sides of the student parking pass application and clearly print accurate information on the application.  Turn in the completed application with the $75.00 fee (cash or check) to NMTCC security department.  The application will be processed and the student will receive the current parking pass sticker, which security staff will affix to the vehicle assigned.  Receipts for parking pass fees will be issued upon request.

Click here for the parking pass form.

7. Why doesn’t the North Montco calendar match my district calendar?

 North Montco’s calendar is based on the calendar of five sending districts. Since each district handles its own calendar, we may be open or closed when your sending school isn’t.

8. What is the first day of school for North Montco?

 The first student day at North Montco Technical Career Center is Tuesday, August 27, 2024. Check with your sending school for your first day.  Your first day of school is when your district transportation to NMTCC begins. PYA2P 12th grade students will report to NMTCC on Tuesday, August 27.  PYA2P 11th grade students who have a work placement start Wednesday, August 28 because they are working on August 27. All PYA2P students who DO NOT have a work placement will beport to NMTCC on August 27.

Note: Cosmetology 11th-grade students begin Tuesday, August 27.

9. Do I need to notify North Montco if my child is absent or will the sending school handle that?

If your child is absent you need to provide a note to both North Montco AND your sending school. You may email the North Montco attendance department at

10.  Do you offer classes for adult students?

Every fall and spring, North Montco offers a variety of technical programs to adult students in the evening. Contact the Continuing Education office for more details or visit our website for the class schedule.

Call 215-368-1177 for more information.

11. May I participate in activities at my high school?

The school day at NMTCC is structured so students can return to their high schools for after school activities and sports. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities at their sending high schools. In addition, by attending NMTCC, students have the opportunity to make new friends and exercise their leadership abilities in the career and technical student organizations that are active at NMTCC.

12. How will NMTCC help me? 

The education you’ll receive at NMTCC will open doors for you. You’ll learn new skills that are valued by employers. You’ll experience real-life work situations in your chosen field. And you’ll have options to continue your education after high school.

13. Is college an option after NMTCC?

Absolutely! Many NMTCC graduates continue their education in colleges, technical schools, or apprenticeships. You can even earn college credit for some of the coursework you complete at NMTCC.

Look for more information in our College Credits section of our website.