As the trucking industry continues to expand, the demand is growing for mechanics and technicians to repair and maintain diesel engines. Medium/Heavy Duty trucks and equipment require educated and experienced technicians for their maintenance and repair. Upon completion of the Diesel Truck Technology program, students may secure employment as entry-level technicians or advance their education and training. This program follows the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation/Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NATEF/ASE) standards for Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Truck technology.


    Instructor: Mr. Robert Meisenzahl (rmeisenzahl@nmtcc.org)

    Please see the tabs below for more detailed information about the program.


  • Industry Certifications   
     Students in Diesel Truck Technology have the opportunity to earn  the following industry certifications:

     NOCTI – Diesel Technology
     Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
     Certified Safety Inspector, Cat I
     Certified Safety Inspector, Cat III
     S/P2 – Heavy Duty
     S/P2 - Safety & Pollution Prevention
     609 Refrigeration Recycling
     OSHA 10-hour Course  

    Cooperative Education Opportunities    
     Cooperative Education allows students to be employed during the school day while gaining meaningful instruction in a technical
     area, applying classroom knowledge to real-world experiences. In addition, developing life-long career skills. Students may be
     allowed to go to work for a number of days determined by their teacher and the cooperative education coordinator.

    Task List    
     A program task list is an instructional tool to measure the technical competency of a student. During your enrollment in the  Diesel Truck Technology program, you will be taught and  assessed on the following tasks:

     100 Orientation and Safety
     200 Tools and Fasteners/Hardware
     300 Suspension and Steering Systems
     400 Preventive Maintenance
     500 Brake System
     600 Diesel Engines
     700 Air Intake and Exhaust Systems
     800 Cooling Systems
     900 Fuel System
     1000 Electrical/Electronic System
     1100 Drive Line

    Equipment/Materials/Uniforms/Other Requirements    
    All tools and equipment are supplied within this program throughout your North Montco Technical Career Center (NMTCC) career. From the beginning of the school year, all students will be required to wear a uniform, comparable to one worn in the trade. Jeans, sneakers, or street shoes are NOT acceptable. Because of this, students will need to purchase the following items:

    Uniform/Clothing Requirements:
    Power and Transportation cluster shirt - $17
    Dark blue work pants - $15-$20
    Hard sole leather work boots - $20-$30
    Safety glasses - $5

    Program Fees:
    Activity fee - $20