• HEALTH SCIENCES (CIP Code: 51.0899)


    The curriculum focuses on delivering quality health care to clients in various settings. When available, it may include hands-on experience at local health care facilities and provides the technical training needed to pursue a health care career.


    Instructor: Ms. Eileen Bechtel (ebechtel@nmtcc.org)


     Please see the tabs below for more detailed information about the program.

  • Task List

  • Equipment/Materials/Uniforms/Other Requirements

  • Safety

  • Physical Criteria

  • Industry Certifications

  • Cooperative Education Opportunities

  • Honors Course

  • Career/College

  • Profile of a Graduate

  • Health Sciences Student

  • Nurse Aide Students - verification of PA Residency and Attestation of Compliance with Act 14

  • New Student Requirements

  • Summer 2022 Assignments