BLUE HEART WITH HEARTBEAT THROUGH ITAllied Health Technology is a dual enrollment* class designed for college preparatory students who are seriously considering the healthcare field after high school.  The program is unique in that it is based in a hospital. Students enrolled in this program will report daily to the hospital (when covid restrictions are not in place)** where they will receive theoretical and technical instruction.  In addition, through a bi-weekly schedule of clinical rotations, students will gain practical experience while working beside the individual professionals in their specific departments.  The Allied Health program is a great way for students to test their dreams of becoming health care professionals.  



    *Dual enrollment credit cost is equal to the cost of one credit from Montgomery County Community College and the cost of the book.

    **Students are to report to the school at this time.


    Criteria for Admission—Students should apply for admission while in 11th grade.  Only 36 total students (12 per session) will be accepted into this program each year. GPA, attendance, conduct records, a personal essay, and letters of recommendation are primary considerations for acceptance.  Performance in an interview may be evaluated as well.  Students must have signed approval from a science teacher, school counselor, and parent or guardian.  Once accepted, a physical exam, negative two-step tuberculosis skin test or TB blood test, proof of Hepatitis B vaccination, and a cleared criminal record check must be obtained prior to the start of the program. Students must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. A flu shot is required in the Fall when the vaccine is available. Firm deadlines will be in place. Failure to adhere to deadlines could result in your denial to the program. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation. Students will be required to purchase items for this program at an approximate cost of $300.

    Instructor: Ms. Peggy Bossert (pbossert@nmtcc.org)

     Please see the tabs below for more detailed information about the program.

  • Allied Health Application (Deadline February 11, 2022)

  • Task List

  • Equipment, Materials, Uniform, Other Requirements

  • Career/College

  • Certifications Students Can Earn

  • Physical Criteria

  • Physical Exam

  • Request for Criminal Record Check

  • Clinical Contract

  • Profile of a Graduate