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Equity Council

North Montco Technical Career Center holds a unique place in the community. We serve five very different school districts; each has a very distinctive culture of their own. The North Montco Technical Career Center Equity Council assembled in 2021 will meet regularly to discuss issues and share examples of events and attitudes, which create a feeling of unrest or discomfort among students and staff. This group is comprised of teachers, a guidance counselor, and a number of students, along with the Administrative Director.

North Montco Technical Career Center strives to be a place of safety, free from racism, double standards, and expressions of intolerance. These types of behaviors and innuendoes create distress, which is not conducive to a robust teaching and learning environment. By sharing ideas, concerns, and opening ourselves to differing viewpoints, we can create a compassionate school community that allows teachers to focus and students to thrive.

The North Montco Equity Council will continue to evaluate practices and policies that guide the Career Center to ensure they embrace tolerance and equity.