School-To-Career Learning Programs

  • School-to-career learning programs at North Montco Technical Career Center combine quality education with worksite learning so students are given the opportunity to apply the valuable skills they are learning.

    The School-to-Career office can assist with creating a resume and developing interviewing skills. This office also provides job postings. Some students prefer to explore a trade or profession before deciding to pursue a specific career and technical program or college education. Other students want to gain real-life, on-the-job experience before graduating from high school. NMTCC’s School-to-Career office offers students such opportunities and more.

    The programs available to students at NMTCC include:


    Pennsylvania Youth Apprenticeship Program (PYAP)

    Cooperative Education (Co-op)

  • Pennsylvania Youth Apprenticeship Program (PYAP)


    This employer-driven program offers paid, on-the-job training experience through a partnership with a sponsoring company. Employers participate with school staff to develop and monitor the curriculum and standards.


    • Open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students
    • On the job work experience is designed for 11th and 12th grade
    • Students must have successfully completed all major academic subjects and be on grade level to enroll in this program
    • Application process requires recommendations from technical teacher, academic teachers from the sending school, guidance counselors and an interview at North Montco Technical Career Center
    • Students and employers sign a training agreement accepting responsibilities of the position
    • Upon completion of the program, students may enter into the following postsecondary programs: adult registered apprenticeship, certificate program, associate technical degree program, or 4 year degree program
    • Academic and technical instruction is delivered at North Montco Technical Career Center in an integrated learning environment as applicable to the youth apprentice’s career plan.


    A culminating Capstone paid work experience for students in the 12th grade who have secured the recommendation of their technical instructor. Recommended students have the opportunity to obtain real work experience and to practice the specific technical skills they have learned.


    • Open to 12th grade students who possess entry-level skills.
    • All academics are usually taken at the sending school during morning periods.
    • Students are employed in their technical field in the afternoon.
    • Students return to North Montco Technical Career Center once a week to meet with the Co-Op
      Coordinator to learn employability and workplace related skills and also to meet with the lab
      instructor to discuss concerns on the job.




    Internships are designed to allow students the opportunity to understand more fully the technical career, which they have chosen.


    • Open to 11th grade students starting in the second semester, upon recommendation of technical teacher
    • Available to students who are in the early stages of technical training
    • Assists in formulating the student’s career plan
    • Short-term career exploration experience, paid or unpaid